Leaders Are at War for the Hearts, Minds and Attention of Those They Love, Lead and Serve

REV is helping leaders connect with, develop and inspire their people at scale.

Meaningful Connections to Power Strategic, Systemic and Sustainable Impact

Division, overwhelming noise, and information overload are causing stress, isolation, and ever increasing trust deficits. How are people, communities and teams ever going to thrive if they lack an authentic connection with each other? 

REV is an innovative and multi-faceted community-building solution to facilitate meaningful connections — at every level of an organization.

REV’s Mission is to connect people in meaningful ways to each other, to practical and relevant resources for hope, healing and purpose, and to opportunities for purpose and impact in ways that lead to strategic, systemic, scalable and sustainable impact for good.

Build and strengthen organizational culture from the
top down, bottom up, and inside out.

Introducing REV’s Connection as a Service™ for Leaders and Teams

At REV, we combine world-class leadership development, coaching and training with the power of a dedicated platform and support services to help leaders connect with, develop and inspire their people in meaningful, effective and scalable ways. We create teams that stay together and outperform all others.

Empowering Leaders

  • Leader and Team Assessments
  • Customized Growth Plans
  • Development, Training and Coaching in PLUS One Leadership

Equipping Leaders

  • Native Apps for iOS and Android 
  • Private groups and messaging
  • Activity feed, stories and events

Inspiring Teams

  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Digital Community Building
  • Connection Events

An Action-Oriented Approach to Developing Empathy and Inclusion

Helping people connect in meaningful ways leads to teams that trust and respect each other. Empathy is the glue that leads to truly inclusive communities where every member of your organization feels known and valued.

REV is designed to generate community at all levels of an organization, moving teams beyond a sole focus of productivity, into powerful places of inspired connection.   

More Than Facilitating Communication – Make a Real Connection

Building Trust

has a direct impact to foster innovative ideas

Growing respect

among teams encourages higher engagement

Inspired team members

significantly increase retention

Groups that encourage action

lead people to greater productivity

REV Is Taking Servant Leadership to the Next Level With the PLUS One™ Movement

The PLUS One Movement is a way for leaders to rally their people to make a difference in the world around them. 

Teams of all sizes struggle with navigating relational cohesion and developing collaborative connections. The PLUS One Movement is a way to bridge divides and encourage your people towards contributing to something purposeful. 

When people work together to accomplish acts of kindness and positivity, bonds are created and hearts are lifted. Organizational cultures benefit when they implement a social responsibility focus and help their people explore their purpose. 

Learn more about the project here and get your team signed up today to start something good.

The REV Way

Build Deep, Meaningful Connection With Those You Lead and Serve

It’s easy to get started with REV. Our team will walk you through the discovery phase, the building phase, and the implementation of your very own Connection Strategy.

Phase 1: Discovery

We work with your leadership team to understand your objectives, goals, structure, challenges and more as they pertain to leading your people.

Phase 2: Build

We work with you to build a customized connection-building plan that meets your organizational structure and helps you achieve your strategic people objectives and goals.

Phase 3: Implement

We assist you as much or as little as you’d like to help you execute your Connection Strategy in ways that maximize your investment and take you to the next level.

Phase 4: Measure

Measure / Learn / Improve
Connection as a Service is an ongoing process that will continuously evolve and get better over time. We work together to make sure the entire team keeps moving forward.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Be the Leader Who Inspires Their People

Are you ready to cut through the noise and strengthen your connection with your people?  Let’s get started.

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